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SunFleur, LLC is a total energy solution company 

that develops and manufactures high-efficiency solar power generation systems and smart grid systems.




A retractable, innovative sun-tracking window-type BIPV 

(building-integrated photovoltaic) 

solar power generation system that overcomes the limitations 

of the existing BIPV

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Building Integrated Photo Voltaic (BIPV) is a system that can play the role of building materials and generate electricity at the same time by installing a solar cell module in a building. 


When the module is removed in the form of walls, windows, or roofs that partially or completely surround the building, such as roofing materials, the core function of the building envelope may be lost or damaged, so it refers to a structure that must be replaced with other building materials.

S u n F l e u r

SunFleur BIPV is a retractable, sun-tracking, window-type BIPV (solar power generation) system that overcomes the limitations of existing BIPVs. 

It is an innovative BIPV product that achieves power generation efficiency of more than 60% higher than existing vertical BIPV, secures a view, and satisfies the aesthetics of a building and its function as a building material.

The installed IoT sensor automatically responds to natural environments such as rain, wind, and vibration to ensure system stability and optimal efficiency.




More than 60% higher solar power generation efficiency compared to the existing vertical BIPV systems. 


Well Harmonized with exterior of building.


Automatically reacts to the suns position and weather.


Applicable to various fields such as new construction, construction, smart farming and ships. 

Optimized for 

Zero-Energy Buildings

It can be applied to various places such as railings, vertical walls, exterior walls. The frame color can be manufactured harmoniously with the color of the building.

Retractable, Window-type BIPV

  • Angle adjustable using project and louvered window frames.

  • Improves power generation efficiency by adjusting the angle according to the sun using GPS.

  • Angle adjustment in 4 steps with a cylinder.

  • Automatically closes in a certain amount of rain, improving stability.

  • Automatically opens when the outdoor unit of the air conditioner operates.

  • Switchable between automatic and manual mode (Operable function).

  • Installation on the existing railing position to secure the view.

  • Applicable to both existing and new building constructions.

  • Not a stand-up type like the existing mini-solar light products, but a window type to ensure stability.


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